It takes time to apply for funding from SeedStep Angels, and once we receive you application, we will carefully evaluate the opportunity to invest. Prior to completing the application, however, we urge candidates to confirm for themselves that each meets the following criteria:

  1. Prospective investments should be operating in a market sufficiently large to create a business with a minimum of $30 million in annual revenues within five years with a clear path to profitability.
  2. Pre-money valuation of startup companies should not exceed $4 million.
  3. Management should be experienced in building significant, successful companies, although the management team need not be complete.
  4. Primary investment focus will be on early stage companies, regardless of industry.
  5. Companies may be seed stage, but should have a prototype or a completed product or service that has been sold or has generated significant interest among prospective clients.
  6. Company should have a well-articulated strategy to capture and defend a significant market share, including the ability to construct significant barriers to entry.